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Here to help since 1987 If you or anyone else you might know sustained injuries due to the negligence of others attorney Dan Zohar is here to help.

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    Auto Accident


    Auto Accident


    Premises Liability


    Auto Accident



    Car Accident Lawyer

    Automobile Accidents

    There are thousands of automobile accidents each day in the state of Florida. Let Dan handle all of your legal proceedings pertaining to your accident. 

    Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    Motorcyle Accidents

    Unfortunately, as the number of motorcyclists has risen, so have the number of accidents involving motorcycles. 

    Bicycle Accident Lawyer

    Bicycle Accidents

    Very often while riding our bikes around the state of Florida, we have no choice but to share the roadways with other motorists. 

    Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

    Pedestrian Accidents

    Each year tens of thousands of pedestrians are either injured or killed in the United States due to the negligence of others. Many of these drivers are distracted by their cell phones.

    Slip Trip Fall Accident Lawyer

    Slip-and-fall accidents

    Slip or trip-and-fall incidents happen too often. You may walk into a store or a restaurant and fall down due to unsafe conditions in the establishment.

    Personal Injury Attorney

    For more than 30 years, experienced personal injury attorney Dan Zohar has helped thousands of Tampa residents who have sustained injuries due to the negligence of others receive the justice they deserve.

    He looks at each scenario on a case-by-case basis, working closely with his clients and the insurance companies to minimize victims’ pain and suffering and maximize their medical coverage and financial compensation. Dan is dedicated, responsive and committed to going above and beyond to deliver optimal legal outcomes.

    Attorney Dan Zohar can help you, too.

    Dan Zohar – Personal Injury Lawyer Tampa Florida

    Personal Injury Lawyer Dan ZoharWhen it comes to highly skilled, dedicated and compassionate legal counsel, all personal injury firms are not created equal.

    Practicing law in Central Florida since 1987, personal injury attorney Dan Zohar has provided trusted, real-world counsel to catastrophic injury victims who have suffered physical and/or emotional duress as a result of others’ carelessness. A champion and voice for those experiencing life-altering scenarios due to the negligence of other people, Dan provides the highest quality representation. He has helped more than 3,000 clients over the past three decades navigate the confusing and overwhelming process of dealing with insurance companies.

    Depending on the particular personal injury case, this can include:

    • Appraising and repairing your car or motorcycle
    • Submitting bills to your insurance company so they can be processed for payment
    • Filing the necessary documents to recoup lost wages
    • Determining what legal requirements need to be met so you receive monetary recovery for your pain and suffering

    Experienced, responsive and committed to obtaining the best outcomes for his clients, DZ Firm  looks at each personal injury case on an individualized basis to determine the best way to achieve maximum benefits for both victims and their loved ones. Whether it’s negotiating a settlement or taking a case to trial, you’ll want to have Personal Injury Lawyer Dan Zohar in your corner.

    His Tampa-based law firm specializes in various areas of practice, ranging from personal injury, automobile accidents and truck accidents to bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and slip and fall incidents.

    Call today to schedule a free initial consultation to see how Dan’s expert representation can help you receive the medical care you need, the compensation you’re entitled to and the justice you deserve.

    Auto Accident | Bicycle Accident | Motorcycle Accident | Pedestrian Accident | Slip and Fall Accident


    The Benefit of Working with Us vs. a Larger firm

    The Importance of Using an Experienced Attorney

    When it comes to your personal injury case, you want the expertise of a Tampa lawyer with more than 30 years’ experience in dealing with insurance companies and adjusters. Because attorney Dan Zohar knows the ins and outs of this highly complicated industry, he makes sure you receive the compensation, justice, and peace of mind that you deserve.

    Insurance companies and adjusters are fully aware of which Tampa attorneys have experience and which big firm small attorney’s they can take advantage of with your case. The objective of all insurance companies and claims adjusters are to minimize the loss to the insurance company. They would much rather deal with an inexperienced attorney, allowing them to cut corners and pay out less for your injuries.

    Get the Money You Deserve

    You and your loved ones have suffered significant physical and emotional injuries from an accident caused by the carelessness of other people. Having helped more than three thousand other clients in similar situations, Dan Zohar has the knowledge, experience and impressive track record that gets results.

    You care about the accident, the negligence and the injuries from it, your lawyer should care equally as much. This is what you receive when calling our firm. You work with Dan Zohar from the start, immediately receiving 30 years of experience behind you and getting you the compensation, you deserve.

    Tampa Area Personal Injury Cases We Service

    We’re here to help answers questions and help you navigate the challenges you’re facing following your accident. Let our full-service law firm help you navigate the challenges you’re facing following your accident and protect your rights against the insurance companies. Areas Serviced


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