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Personal Injury Lawyer Bradenton FloridaAs much as we try to be careful and avoid them, accidents do happen. And they can change your life in an instant. They can cause a variety of personal injuries you need to deal with – everything from back injuries, broken or fractured bones, and burn injuries, to brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and whiplash injuries.

These injuries can result in missed wages and unexpected medical expenses, leaving you confused, traumatized, and even frustrated to deal with the new situation on your own. Dan Zohar has worked on thousands of cases involving slip and fall accidents, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents, and understands it’s not fair that you should have to shoulder all of this on your own.

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The ultimate goal of your compensation claim is to get practical, fair and efficient compensation, whether that means working out a settlement or taking the case to trial. Unfortunately, in order to receive benefits, you must navigate a complicated system. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side will help you ensure all your rights are protected.

Do I Have A Right To File A Claim?

Every case is unique in its own right and if you’re not an experienced attorney, you’re not likely to know all your rights. This means you will not be able to assess your case and know what your rights are. For a free consultation, contact Dan Zohar, a Bradenton personal injury lawyer.

  • Dan Zohar provides free consultation – you pay only if you get paid
  • Dan Zohar has more than 30 years of experience working on thousands of cases
  • Countless satisfied clients are ready to recommend Dan’s services
  • A real desire to help people who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence fuels the protection of your rights.

Pain And Suffering, Medical Bills, Lost Wages

Keep in mind that one of the primary objectives of the at-fault party’s insurance company is to minimize the loss to the insurance company. Dan Zohar can help you and your family with the difficult and confusing process of dealing with the insurance companies and ensure you get the compensation you truly deserve.

This covers everything from medical bills that have been incurred due to your injury, as well as all future bills caused by the injuries, to lost wages and pain and suffering. Unlike medical bills and lost wages, pain and suffering cannot be calculated using data, and Dan Zohar can help you assess potential damages based on your pain and suffering and even win punitive damages. Punitive damages are assessed in order to punish the defendant for outrageous conduct and deter others from engaging in similar behavior.

Areas of Practice

For Free Consultation, Contact Dan Zohar – Personal Injury Lawyer Bradenton Florida

Dan Zohar works solely on a contingency fee basis. This means that the legal fee is only a percentage of the compensation you get. Visit our areas of service to see if Dan Zohar can represent you in your case.