Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Spring Hill Florida

Spring Hill Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Featured image for Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Spring Hill FloridaSlip and fall accidents are something we usually try to put behind us as soon as they happen, and for good reason. In most cases, these accidents don’t cause serious injury if you count out bruised ego. However, not all accidents are harmless. Dangerous conditions such unmarked wet floors, shaky handrails, inappropriate lighting, displaced parking lot bumpers, broken staircases, torn carpeting, uneven surfaces either indoors or out, and similar hazards can cause serious injuries.

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Are You Entitled to Compensation?

Premises liability cases include many different types of accidents which occur due to the negligence of the owner or possessor of land or property. Every property owner is required by law to secure their premises and protect their visitors and customers from injury. This means they’re required to at least warn visitors until they correct the dangers.

For example, if you enter a grocery store, step into a wet patch of floor, slip, and fall, the grocery store can be considered negligent if they failed to put up a sign warning visitors about the wet floor. After all, the combination of water and soap is incredibly slippery and wet floors can be difficult to spot, which means the grocery store owners were required by law to put up a warning. Other common causes of slip and fall accidents include loose gravel or paver stones, walkways covered with ice and snow, raised and cracked sidewalks and parking lots, poorly secured cabling, and torn carpeting.

Dealing with the Aftermath

Your injuries caused by the slip and fall accident could lead to debilitating pain and suffering which can cause you to miss work, cause loss of future wages, disability, expenses for the hospital, and could cause irritation to a prior injury. As a result, you’re left to deal with piles of unpaid bills and without the income to pay them.

Hiring a personal injury attorney will help you alleviate a lot of stress caused by the accident. They will help you answer all the questions bound to pop up, so make sure you write them down. They will also have questions for you, and it’s critical you answer them truthfully.

A slip and fall accident lawyer will also help you gather all the evidence you need in order to build a strong case. Remember, you’re going up against an insurance company and they’re usually represented by at least one lawyer, if not an entire legal team. While most personal injury cases never see the courtroom, if your case does end up at a court of law, you’ll want to have a professional attorney by your side to maximize the chances of winning your case.

A personal injury attorney can also help you deal with insurance companies. They will have a lot of questions for you after the accident and rest assured, they’re fishing for loopholes to use against you. Having a lawyer answer those questions for you will ensure you don’t say anything that can be used against you.

For a Free Consultation, Call Dan Zohar – a Slip and Fall Accident  Lawyer Spring Hill Florida

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